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Hangzhou Xinwang Light Textile Co., Ltd.

We are a professional manufacturer of various kinds of luggage fabrics, Oxford fabrics, decorative fabrics and printed fabrics. The company covers an area of over 20,000 square meters, and has advanced domestic single-jet, dual-jet automatic weft selection, electronic faucet water jet loom More than 100 units, with matching texturing equipment and PVC, PE, environmental protection TPE calendering line, set texturing, weaving, calendering through-train production, the annual production of various specifications of luggage fabrics over 30 million meters. In the past twenty years, the company has always taken the "quality assurance, customer first" as its purpose, strictly control the quality of the products, and the products have been well received by customers. The company is located in the center of Hangzhou City and China Textile City, and the transportation is very convenient. It is only more than 10 kilometers away from Xiaoshan International Airport.

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The products of Hangzhou New King Textile Co., Ltd. are widely used in the fashion luggage industry, outdoor leisure industry, etc. The quality is strictly controlled to provide better fabrics for the majority of customer groups.

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